Elizabeth A. Stasny

Professor; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon, 1983.
Home Page: http://www.stat.osu.edu/~eas

Most of my work is motivated by applications in the social sciences. In particular, I enjoy working with missing data in large-scale sample surveys. This has led to my involvement with the Ohio State Center for Survey Research as associate faculty director. My research there involves discovering and correcting for biases in data from random digit dialing (RDD) surveys. For example, with graduate student Petra Graham, I am looking at the quality of data from respondents who initially refuse to participate in the survey; with graduate student Kristin Blenk, I am looking at using data from respondents who reported disconnects in their telephone service as representative of data from those who do not have telephone service at the time of the interview. I also have enjoyed a life in crime! For example, in Stasny, Kadane, and Fritsch (1998) we looked at trial outcomes for cases in which the death penalty might be the punishment, when potential jurors who were opposed to the death penalty were excluded from serving on the juries.