Spatial Statistics - Stat 829

Spring 2010

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Instructor: Noel Cressie (
408B Cockins Hall
Tel: 292-5194
Office Hours: Mon 2-3, Wed 2-3, or by appointment
Prerequisite: Stat 622 and Stat 645, or permission of instructor
Lectures: Tues., Thurs., 11:00 - 12:18
Location: Central Classroom, CC 0245 (see a Map).
Teaching Assistant: Aritra Sengupta (
304E Cockins Hall
Tel: 292-1567
Office Hours: Mon 1-2, Wed 1-2, Fri 1-2, or by appointment
Homework 35%
Mid-term exam 30%
Final Project 35%
Grades: Letter grades will be given
Course Material: Extensive use will be made of Lecture Notes, supplemented by reading assignments from "Statistics for Spatial Data, rev. edn." by N. Cressie (Wiley, NY, 1993). Copies of the book are on 2-hour reserve at the Science and Engineering Library.
  • Introduction.
  • Geostatistical models, lattice models, and point processes.
  • Univariate and multivariate geostatistical analysis.
  • Hierarchical modeling (empirical Bayesian and fully Bayesian).
  • Spatio-temporal modeling of remote-sensing data.
  • Markov random fields and partially ordered Markov models, image analysis, spatial mixture modeling.
  • Statistical analysis of spatial point patterns.