Steve MacEachern


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    Through time, I've had a chance to work with a wonderful batch of students. For a full list of those I've advised, click on the link above (Students). Recent and imminent graduates who may be interested in a position include those below:

    • Hang Joon Kim (2012), The generalized multiset sampler: theory and its application, Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke/NISS

      Hang Joon Kim graduated two years ago and has since been on a postdoc in the triangle area with Jerry Reiter, Alan Karr, and crew. Hang has worked extensively with MCMC algorithms, with his dissertation work featuring the development of the generalized multiset sampler. His postdoc work involves large-scale surveys and highlights, among other things, privacy issues. He will be finishing up the postdoc during 2014-15 and will be on the market in the fall.