Ninth International Conference on


 OSDA 2010 Zagazig, Egypt

Sunday, July 11-- Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Faculty of Science, Zagazig University



Department of Mathematics, Zagazig University, EGYPT, and Department of Statistics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA

Next OSDA Conference will be at Universidad de Murcia, Spain; Chief Organizer: Professor Felix Belzunce. Details: Later when available.

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Continuing the series of Conferences in India (2000), Poland (2002-04), Turkey (2005), Iran (2006), and Jordan (2007) and Germany (2008), the Zagazig University will host the 9th International Conference on Ordered Statistical Data and Their Applications (OSDA 2010-Egypt). The meeting will be held at the Zagazig University, Zagazig-Egypt, from 11th (Sunday) till 13th (Tuesday) of July 2010. In the spirit of the previous conferences, OSDA 2010-Egypt will provide an international forum for presentation and discussion of new results on ordered statistical data as well as for reviews of existing literature. It will be dedicated to all aspects of ordered statistical data, including (but not limited to)
  • Approximations
  • Bounds
  • Characterizations
  • Inequalities and their applications
  • Stochastic ordering
  • Statistical inference and prediction problems
  • Censored data and survival analysis
  • Applications of ordered data
  • Reliability theory
  • Entropies, information theory, and optimization techniques
  • Nonparametric and ranked set sampling techniques
  • Numerical computations and simulations
  • Bayesian analysis techniques
  • Asymptotic theory
    Participants from universities, business, administration, and industry are welcome.
    Conference language will be English. For the evolving details about the conference and the associated workshops please revisit this conference web site

    Professor H. M. Barakat
    Chairman, Department of Mathematics
    Faculty of Science
    Zagazig University
    Zagazig, Egypt
    Tel. 002 - 012-(7476652);  Fax.00-91-821-421263
    H.N. Nagaraja 
    Department of Statistics
    The Ohio State University
    404 Cockins Hall, 1958 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210-1247 USA
    Tel.1-614-292-6072; Fax. 1-614-292-2096

    H. Barakat (Zagazig University, Egypt; Co-Chair), H. N. Nagaraja (Ohio State University, USA; Co-Chair), Mohammad Ahsanullah (Rider University, USA), E. K. AL-Hussaini (Alexandria University, Egypt), Barry C. Arnold (University of California at Riverside, USA), N. Balakrishnan (McMaster University, Canada), Ismihan Bayramoglu (Izmir University of Economics, Turkey), Félix Belzunce (Universidad de Murcia, Spain), Ch. A. Charalambides (University of Athens, Greece), Erhard Cramer (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), Udo Kamps (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), E. M. Nigm (Zagazig University, Egypt), H. K. Tony Ng (Southern Methodist University, USA), Sangun Park (Yonsei University, Korea), M. Z. Raqab (University of Jordan, Jordan), T. Rychlik (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw).
    Professor H. M. Barakat, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University,Egypt;Telephone: 002 - 012-(7476652), E-mail: ,
    Professor E. M. Nigm, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Egypt; Telephone: 002 - 018-(7576037); E-mail:,


    FEE: International Participants: US$500. The Registration Fee will cover Boarding/Lodging and local hospitality on the University Campus. Registration fee for Egyptian participants: £E 500 (Egyptian pounds) (without boarding and lodging); £E 1500 (with boarding and lodging). Deadline for International Registration is May 31, 2010.

    Payment Options:

    1. Deposit the required amount at: Arab African International Bank (SSI), Account number 6003364021 (ZAGAZIG UNIVERSITY-EGYPT) Sub Account 4/082/17824/4.

    2. Make check payable to: El Sayed Mahsoub Ahmed Nigm (Prof. E. M. Nigm).

    In both cases please send an e-mail to Prof H. M. Barakat ( to confirm his payment.  


    HOUSING: Housing is provided on campus and is included in Registration for international participants and Egyptian participants paying for the housing as a part of the registration fee. Most of the campus accommodations are air conditioned. There will be an entertainment program during the conference and the registration fee will cover this program cost as well. If other hotel accommodations in Zagazig or Cairo are desired please contact Prof. Barakat or Prof. Nigm in advance. The per night cost will be in the range of US$75-100 in Zagazig and US$100-150 in Cairo and will include breakfast.


    Final Deadline: June 15, 2010 to be received at

    Please e-mail the abstract to
    H. Barakat( a copy to H. N. Nagaraja(

  • Please observe the following instructions while preparing the abstract.

    Title: Limited to 180 characters in length.  Use initial caps in the title; do not use all caps.
    Author(s): Type all authors' names with initial caps.  Include affiliations for all authors using tags if necessary.
    Address: Contact/Presenting authors' names and mailing address and e-mail addresses.
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