Frontiers of Interface between Statistics and Sciences

30 DEC 2009 2 JAN 2010, Hyderabad, India

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Department of Science and Technology,  Govt. of India
International Statistical Institute
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
Royal Statistical Society (RSS)
American Statistical Association (ASA)
International Biometric Society (IBC)
International Indian Statistical Association (IISA)

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Program Details (Dec. 7, 2009)

Plenary Talks, Track 1 Talks, Track 2 Talks, Track 3 Talks

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The conference is in honor of C. R. Rao, the living legend who will be attaining the age of 90 in 2010.  The objective of the conference is to highlight the importance of statistics in knowledge discovery in the sciences.

International Organizing Committee

USA: S. Ghosh, Venu Govindaraju, S. N. Gupta, N. Kannan, R. Khattree, Mei-Ling Ting Lee, H. N. Nagaraja, D. Naik, S. G. Pantula, G. P. Patil, S. Peddada, J. S. Rao, S. R. S. Varadhan; UK: T.Subba Rao, S.Deman;  Japan: S.Amari, Subaro Saito;  C.Cuadras (Spain), T.Arthanari (New Zealand), D. Pfeffermann (Israel).

  National Organizing Committee

V. Kannan, A. Kondapi, T. J. Rao, K.S. Rao, B. Chandra, G. Gopal, T. Krishnan, T. K. Kumar, U. Yugandhar, S. Bendre, S. Handa, S. B. Rao, K. Kundu, V. Hargopal, R. J. R. Ramalingaswami, B.L.S. Prakasa Rao, A.L.N. Murthy, Sampangi Raman, Bimal Roy, M. Delampadi, R.R.L. Kantham, Uma Shankar, K.N.Rao.

  Advisory Committee

S. Hasnain, VC (Vice Chancellor), U. of Hyderabad; T. Tirupati Rao, VC, Osmania U., Hyderabad; D. N. Reddy, VC, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad; A. Appa Rao, VC, JNTU, Kakinada; P. Reddanna, Professor, U. of Hyderabad; K.V.S.S. Prasad Rao, Chairman, NTRO; V.Saraswat, DRDO & Program Director 'AD'; S. K. Pal, Director, Indian Statistical Institute; S. R. S. Varadhan, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York.

  Plenary Speakers

Abel Laureate S. R. S. Varadhan
IEEE Medal of Honor Laureate Thomas Kailath
Robert Koch Fellow Sayed E Hasnain

There will be sessions on a variety of topics with the participation of 3 or 4 speakers in each.  All contributed papers will be in the form of poster presentations.  However, special request for inclusion of a contributed paper in an appropriate session will be considered.

Current List of Organizers and Invited Sessions

TRACK 1: Statistics, Probability, Environment& Geoinformatics Stream; Chairman: Dr TJ Rao (

C.Cuadras (Distance based methods in statistics,, K.G.Murty (OR and its applications,, P.Goel (Statistical learning and data mining,, R.P.Velu (Data mining and statistics,, S.R.Jammalamadaka (Topics in statistical inference,, B. Veerabhadran (Recent advances in longitudinal/functional data analysis,, A.J.Paulraj (MIMO wireless,,K.R.Parthasarathy( Quantum physics,,T.E.S.Raghavan (Game Theory, ), S.N.Hasan (Astrostatistics,, G.P.Patil (Environmetrics, ecometrics and geoinformatics,, G.P.Patil (Digital government and hotspot geoinformatics for monitoring, etiology, early warning and sustainable management,, G.P.Patil(District level watershed surveillance, assesment and development using remote sensing, sensor networks, youth brigade and space time intelligence systems,, T.Arthanari (Mahalanobis distance and multivariate measurement systems,, D.Naik (Multivariate analysis,, Y.Chaubey (Special techniques in multivariate analysis,, S.Kumara (Network analysis,, P.Lahiri (Sample surveys, V.Govindaraju (Machine learning,, A L N Murthy, Sampangiraman,Sinha,Rajgopal(Statistics in Industry,,, abramaya@hathway.conm, M.L.Aggarwal (Design of experiments,

TRACK 2:Bio-Technology and Medical Research Stream: Chairman: Dr Anand Kondapi (

 M.T.Lee (Statistical methods for medical research,, M.T.Lee (Bioinformatics,, S.Peddada and P.Dhar (Systems biology,, Rami Reddy and A.Kondapi (Drug discovery,, A.Kondapi (Clinical investigation,

TRACK 3: Economics, Econometrics, Management& Industrial Research Stream: Chairman: Dr. T. Krishna Kumar (, . 

H.Vinod and T.K.Kumar (Econometric Methods I and II,, T.K.Kumar and R.B.Barman (India and Global Recession: Macroeconomic Policies),, T.K. Kumar (Banking and Insurance), T.N.Srinivasan (India: data,statistics and economic policy research, Econometrics IV,, R.Khattree (Financial statistics, Econometrics V,, D.S.P.Rao (Stochastic approach to the construction of spatial and temporal index numbers,Econometrics VI,

Conference Registration Form


The last date for submission of abstracts of invited and contributed papers, each limited to 300 words is 15 October 2009. All contributed papers will be in the form of poster presentations. The authors of poster presentations are requested to bring their posters, limited to a size of 16 square feet, by 29 Dec 2009 for exhibition at the venue of the conference. The posters will be in exhibition during the period of the conference. Authors of two best poster presentations as judged by a panel of experts will receive a cash award of Rs 5000 each in the name of C R Rao and Bhargavi Rao. Those who do not wish to be considered for the prize may indicate it on the poster by using the symbol NFP.

For information on all matters regarding the conference please contact any one of the program committee members: S.B. Rao (, A. Kondapi (, T.K. Kumar (, T. J. Rao (

Dec 07, 2009