I expect there will be 8 homework assignments. Check back here as they are announced in class.
Due Date Assignment Auxiliary Files Solutions Other Problems Solutions
Friday, September 30 Homework 1 Solutions 1 Solutions 1
Friday, October 7 Homework 2 Solutions 2 Solutions 2
Friday, October 14 Homework 3 Solutions 3 Solutions 3
Wednesday, October 19 Homework 4 Solutions 4 [revised 10/24 2:00pm] Solutions 4
Friday, October 28 Homework 5 Solutions 5 See the solutions in the text.
Friday, November 4 Homework 6 Solutions 6 Solutions 6
Monday, November 14 Homework 7 Solutions 7 (Updated 11/17, 10:30pm) Solutions 7
Monday, November 21 Homework 8 Extra2.MTP
Solutions 8 (small error to 7.18 corrected 11/22 3pm) (errors in extra (1) and (2b) corrected 11/27 2pm) Solutions 8
Wednesday, November 30 Homework 9 Solutions 9 (updated 11/30, 10pm) Solutions 9

Grading Disputes: If you have compared your solution to the provided solution and believe your grade should be altered, please do the following. Concisely write an explanation of why your grade should be changed and by how much. Include the question number and part in your explanation. Attach this explanation to your graded assignment, and give it to the instructor.
I will be happy to discuss any conceptual ideas without any written explanation, but I must have a written account to consider changing the grade.