FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Undergraduate Program

1. Does the Department of Statistics offer an undergraduate major?

The department does not currently offer a major program in Statistics, but does offer a major in Data Analytics. This new, interdisciplinary major leads to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students in the major take core courses in Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science, and can specialize in areas such as Business Analytics, Computational Analytics and Biomedical Informatics. The major is co-managed by the Department of Statistics and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

The department offers an undergraduate minor in Statistics. Please see the Description of Programs for more information.

Additionally, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a Personalized Study Program which allows students to design their own undergraduate degree program.

2. Can I get the MAS degree while I am pursuing the undergraduate minor?

Yes. With careful planning, a student pursuing the undergraduate minor may be able to receive the MAS degree after a fifth year of coursework. Among other requirements, students must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.5/4.0 in order to apply as a combined student. Please consult the Graduate School for further information on and requirements for a Combined Graduate and Undergraduate/Professional Program.

3. Can I count courses for the undergraduate minor AND as Senior Petition courses towards a graduate degree later?

No. Senior Petition credit may not be used to meet either baccalaureate degree or minor requirements. See the Graduate School for further information on Senior Petition credit.

4. Are there any prerequisites for the undergraduate minor courses?

Math 2153 (Calculus III) is a prerequisite for Stat 4201
Stat 4201 is a prerequisite for Stat 4202
Stat 5301 is a prerequisite for Stat 5302

5. Can I take several courses required for the minor simultaneously?

You can take Stat 4201 and 5301 simultaneously.
You can take Stat 4202 and 5301 simultaneously.
You can take Stat 4201 and 5302 simultaneously.
You can take Sat 4202 and 5302 simultaneously.

You cannot take a course simultaneously with any of its prerequisites.

6. Can I count any courses simultaneously for my major and minor?

No. If a course is being counted towards your major you may not count it towards your minor. You must replace the course with an elective or electives with at least the same number of credits. For example, if you are counting Stat 4201 (4 hours) and 4202 (4 hours) towards your major, you must replace them with 8 hours of electives of 5000 or higher level courses from Statistics.

7. Can I count a statistics course from another department towards the minor?

No. Courses must be from Statistics. (Exceptions would include courses that are dual listed with Statistics, such as some courses from Public Health.)

8. Can I replace Statistics 4201 with Statistics 3450, 3460, or 3470?

No. The content of Stat 4201 is more mathematical with more details than 3450, 3460, and 3470.

9. Can I replace Statistics 5301 with Statistics 1430, 1450, 2450, 2480, 3450, 3460, or 3470?

No. Stat 5301 covers more and/or different material than these courses.

10. Do I have to sign up for the minor before I begin taking courses?

No. But you should sign up at least one semester before you plan to graduate.

11. Can I take Stat 4201 and count it towards the minor if I have credit for a similar course on probability such at Math 4530 or 5530H?

No. You will need to take 4 hours of electives to replace Stat 4201.