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The Department of Statistics computing facilities are mostly independent of the University's due to the specialized nature of our research. In addition, the Department can access various resources at the Ohio Supercomputer Center for more compute intensive jobs.

The Department supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows, and MacOS. There are three full time computing staff to assist in the research and teaching computing needs.

Centrally, the Department maintains a linux login server, as well as eight linux machines for long compute jobs, as well as GPU computing. We also maintain a windows terminal server for long jobs. In addition many faculty have workstations that are available for remote general compute. We also maintain a web server, including database facilities.

For graduate students, the Department has a graduate student computing lab in Cockins Hall with nineteen Windows workstations, two linux workstations, and a Macintosh. There is access to color and monochrome printing.

Each grad student office has one Windows workstation. For the new PhD and MAS students there may be several students in a large office with one computer, however our senior students and research assistants share two person offices with one computer in each office.